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Trade Show Collateral Checklist

Which resources you invest in must be dictated by the result you wish to achieve via your presence at the trade show – for instance is it enough for your business to merely be seen as an exhibitor or do you have a method in mind for generating leads?

Or are you collecting information (i.e emails for future use in direct marketing campaigns?

How do you intend to create motivation for people to provide their details to you? One proven method is to invite people to enter a competition, the entry ‘fee’ being their contact details and the right to market to them via these details in the future (in NZ people must ‘opt in’ before you can send them generic marketing via email, it is illegal to collect email addresses for the purposes of email marketing without the express permission of the recipient)

  1. Business cards
  2. DLE leaflets
  3. Online collateral – is your website up to date and does it reflect what you are trying to achieve for this event?
  4. Digital signage
  5. Pull up banner
  6. Bumper stickers
  7. Tear drop flags
  8. Banners/ posters
  9. Promotional giveaways (pens, fridge magnets, diaries)/ vouchers
  10. Competitions
  11. Sign ups and how do you plan on following up